5 Things Your Logo Says About Your Company

Nicole Valentin October 24, 2019 0
Face with colorful paint.

If you’ve been in business a fair amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that there are a wide variety of logos out there. The best ones are those that everyone can name in an instant while the worst ones ended up on a Bored Panda list. Many businesses start with a logo in a rush to get things off the ground, but does your logo still hold true today?

Logos are drastically different, and many marketing strategists would tell you that logos are not the end all be all. Check out “Branding Beyond Logos” by one of our best marketing strategists, Ainsley Moir. However, they are usually one of the first things a new customer will notice when they come in contact with your brand.

Learn more about how your logo is working for you with these 5 things your logo says about your business:

Your Company’s Style

The first thing that you want to nail down when it comes to creating a successful logo for your business is understanding your company’s style. Knowing what defines you as a company will help answer all other questions regarding how to create your logo. Is your company traditional or modern? Down-to-earth or nerdy? Serious or fun? Answering these questions with your team helps to solidify who you are as a brand and how your logo should mimic that going forward.

Your Company Is the Expert

Logos are your first chance to tell customers how serious you are about your business. Even if your overall brand is fun and creative, we are all here because we want to be successful. A quick glimpse at your logo should immediately convey that your company is trustworthy and worthwhile. It should tell customers that you are a major player in your niche and that you have what it takes to solve their problems.

Part of presenting your expertise to your customer includes a logo that is also expertly crafted. Using a mix of graphic designers and marketing professionals will help create the best logo for your brand. Logos need to be highly adaptable to fit on different items like your website, letterhead, business cards, apparel, and social media. Hiring a professional team to assemble your logo is your best bet in creating an expert level logo.

Your Company’s Complexity

Logos are the first impression that a consumer has with your business. If your logo is widely complicated and hard to see, confusion will set in with customers. On the flip side, oversimplified logos can sometimes leave consumers equally confused about what your business is at all. Finding the right mix of detail helps define your brand and grabs consumer interest.

Your Company’s Vibe

Color and shape are a major player in the logo industry. A slight change in a color shade can completely alter the feeling that consumers experience. While there are classic black and white logos, like Nike and Sony, more consumers tend to gravitate toward shades of color. In fact, almost 85% of consumers buy a product based on brand color.

Red shades promote action, while orange shades are approachable. Blue hues convey security, while purple inspires creativity. Using the wrong color for your business can subconsciously confuse consumers without them even realizing it. Whatever color combo you choose, make sure that your logo looks good in both full color and one color for best results in multiple marketing materials.

The shape of the logo is also a critical factor in presenting what your logo says about your business. Consumers associate circles with friendship, while triangles and squares show balance. Selecting the right shape and color is vital for a successful business logo.

Your Company Is Unique

No one wants a business logo that looks like the competitor’s down the street. The challenge of creating a new logo is that it should be unique. While many logos are quite similar, yours should have some element that sets you apart from the crowd. Playing around with color, shape, and fonts are an excellent way to differentiate your business from competitors and other brands.

Squeezing in all of these items into one little logo can be tough. However, the time it takes to create a solid logo will help boost consumer engagement as well as build your business. Ask yourself if your logo needs help when considering these 5 things your logo says about your business. Consider the experts at Brand NV if you need a logo for a new business, or perhaps a redesign to better define your company today.

What does your current logo say about your company?