Marketing for Irish Pub

O’Toole’s Irish Pub and Restaurant has been a staple in the Brandon, FL community for more than seven years. But after seven years, why would a successful Irish pub need to hire an advertising agency? “I’ve got my web guy, my print guy, I do my own social media, radio reps come in to talk to me all the time – we’re good.” Are you? Do you have a strategy behind your actions? Are you being intentional and strategic about how you’re going to beat your competition and make more money? That’s what the team at NV Advertising offers – advanced strategic planning along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an experienced team of professionals is executing of all of your media placement, graphic design, web design, and communication needs – saving you valuable time and money; so you and your staff can get back to creating an amazing experience for your patrons.

The first issue we addressed with O’Toole’s was their logo. The original design featured a deep purple that made little to no contrast against the deep green of the words O’Toole’s in their coat of arms. Additionally, they did not have a professionally prepared version of their logo for use across media. We recreated the logo by hand-drawing and tracing the original, vectorizing it and updating the color scheme to create better contrast for use across multiple media. Left logo is “before”, right image is “NV Advertising’s doing” 😉

Part of our strategic planning is ensuring our client’s businesses are anchored in a solid branding strategy, so that our actions and decisions support the brand we are building. It was important to verbalize what patrons can always expect when enjoying an evening at O’Toole’s. The pub prides itself on its family-friendly atmosphere and every patron is treated like family. This is why, “O’Toole’s is your home for good conversation, live entertainment, great food, and of course, the pefectly poured pint of Guinness in Brandon.” Short, sweet and to the point. A clear and concise message is always a great start to any advertising campaign.

O’Toole’s offers a variety of weekly specials and events. We used several different tactics to help spread the word. We created a monthly postcard highlighting upcoming events. We featured the Pets at the Pub event which is held the last Sunday of every month. Patrons can bring their dogs for off-leash fun as they relax and have a drink. The postcard was mailed to married families with pets in the Brandon area.

In addition to the monthly postcards we are also running monthly newspaper ads in the Brandon Times and we update the creative message continuously to match each week’s initiative or promotion.




Another big push for advertising coincides with the Super Bowl. We created a rack card promoting both take-out specials for the big day and the weekly specials.

We also came up with an idea that killed two birds with one stone. The client wanted to increase the number of local employers that host holiday parties at O’Toole’s as well as capture more tourists. We created the concept of a “Holiday Party Patron Referral Program” – for every new person you refer to our venue, your company will receive a $10 credit towards a holiday party with us. This means you could have an amazing Holiday Party, for very little!

Sound advertising strategy makes an impression coming and going. We also created take-out menus and inserts for the tab trays promoting monthly events.

Printed media is a great marketing tool, but businesses must have a strong web presence. Social media is also a key component in captivating an audience. O’Toole’s has a $10 open bar every Friday along with live bands. To make sure people know where the party is, we created a custom template to promote O’Toole’s and the live music, which we update with the new performer automatically each week.










Lastly (for now), we created 9 original roadside banners for drivers passing by 60 in Brandon past the venue daily!

















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