Digital Display Advertising for Stetson
  • Brand NV is an outstanding agency. Since we began using Brand NV in this capacity 7 years ago, participation levels at our information sessions continue to climb.

    Frank Klim, Director of Communications, Stetson University College of Law


We have worked with Stetson University College of Law for over seven consecutive years helping them drive registrations to their Part-Time Law School Information Sessions. When Stetson University College of Law decided to launch their Advocacy Online (LL.M) Masters of Law program they knew they could continue to count on us.

After understanding the target audience and timeline, we set out to develop and launch a highly targeted online digital display campaign using Behavioral, Retargeting, Geo-Fencing and Post-Geo Fencing tactics. We then applied conversion and exclusion pixels to maximize the client’s media budget and targeting.

The campaign launch late spring / early summer of 2017.

During the duration of the campaign we continuously optimized the creative served and targeting tactics to maximize exposure among audiences whose online behavior correlated with those that were already performing the desired action, in this case, online users actively requesting more information and applying for enrollment.

The campaign was a great success, and the client achieved a record-breaking number of UNIQUE (and qualified) Advocacy Masters of Law (LL.M.) page views as well as a record-breaking number of qualified information requests.

Both Admissions and the Communications Departments were thrilled, but not surprised with the results achieved.

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