Health Axis Group Marketing Strategy
  • Being new and a department of one, I knew I would need assistance in developing a marketing strategy for the year. Upon a colleague's recommendation, I set a meeting with Nicole. Nicole was the right partner for the project. She set the framework, kept us on track and conducting the client interviews with finesse.

    Renee Smith, Director of Marketing


When Renee Smith joined services and software technology company Health Axis Group (HXG) as their Marketing Communications Manager, she set very specific goals for herself during her first year. In order to accomplish these goals, she knew a formal marketing strategy was in order. After researching various marketing companies, Renee enlisted the Brand NV team to become her partner as she continued to juggle her day-to-day responsibilities.

We kicked off our work together by brainstorming with all department heads across different locations. During the subsequent months, we specified and simplified business objectives and marketing objectives for the year. We drilled down to what set HXG apart from its competitors, identified direct and indirect competitors, carefully outlined each target audience group and identified each target audience’s major priorities and concerns when making this type of purchasing decision. Together, we conducted over 8 client interviews in different categories to receive much-needed feedback and clarity from end-users. All interviews were recorded for our own internal reference as we continued to brainstorm solutions and analyze HXG’s current situation.

The result of our comprehensive work together is a 105-page working document that informed HXG of its target audience’s issues, recommended strategies, proposed logical tactics and specified key performance indicators that will help measure success in the year ahead. A plan of action for marketing initiatives that needed to be implemented immediately preceded an annual marketing plan that paved the path to helping HXG meet their intended business objectives for the year.

Our final presentation was well-received by the management team and the plan was set as a guide for the year.

In a follow-up meeting, we learned that several of our recommendations had already been adopted by the company.

Brand NV notebooks and pens line the conference room table as we prepare for departmental heads to join us during our Marketing Strategy Kick-Off Meeting.


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