Influencer Strategy to Drive Event Attendance
  • Working with Brand NV was a wonderful experience. They brought a personal touch to our grassroots campaign to help promote Tango Fire. Throughout the project, Nicole was extremely informative and personally engaged with each aspect of the plan. I would highly recommend working with Brand NV if you're looking for a company that cares as much about your marketing needs as you do. 

    Heather Chamberlain, Marketing Director | STRAZ Center for Performing Arts


Music, passion and Tango – sounds like a great night, right? The STRAZ Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, FL hired Brand NV to help promote Tango Fire: Flames of Desire on November 17, 2013.  The Brand NV team came up with an integrated grassroots marketing strategy that would go deep within the Argentine Tango community in Tampa to help spread the word!  We did some research and were able to identify major influencers in the market – so we reached out to them!

HHN1Simone Amaral, the owner of Simone Salsa Dance School with 4 locations in the Tampa Bay area was very excited to help and created a MeetUp and a Facebook event inviting all her contacts. We then made each of the STRAZ partners “hosts” and they in turn invited all of their contacts as well.   1st Dance Studio, Libero’s School and Dance Club in Davis Island, and Tampa Tango Argentino also partnered with us to help spread the word distributing flyers and sending e-blast to all their students and contacts. Victoria Sarquisse and Federico Jorquera of Tampa Tango Argentino also offered to announce the event and pass out flyers at their monthly Milonga ‘La Porteñita’ event at the Italian Club in Ybor City.  For an element of surprise at the right time at the right place, Professional Tango Instructors Victoria and Federico also performed an impromptu Tango performance during Alan Jenkin’s Happy Hour Network’s Business Networking Event at Hula Bay Club on November 6th with over 150 people in attendance. Everyone was in awe of the unexpected show!

EPWe also partnered local Argentinian restaurants in the Tampa Bay area to help generate awareness. El Puerto Restaurant and Grill in Ybor City placed posters inside the restaurant and mini-flyers were provided with each check two weeks prior to the event. Servers were encouraged to mention the promo code to guests. We also dropped off three custom posters and flyers at Renzo’s Gourmet Market, speaking to the servers in Spanish (their comfortable native tongue) to get everyone excited about the event.  Hula Bay Club also graciously accepted posters and flyers for their check presenters.

WWOTBWorking Women of Tampa Bay were also amazing in helping us promote the event. The organization allowed us to tap into their network of over 12,000 Facebook fans and followers to offer up a pair of tickets to one lucky working woman of Tampa Bay.  Registering to win was easy – we asked that participants simply tag themselves on the Facebook graphic promoting the event and a winner was randomly selected and awarded the tickets. WWOTB also distributed some of our flyers during their popular “Girls Night Out” and “Sip and Shop” events earlier in the month of November.

But that’s not all!  We also reached out to La Loma Supermarket, where you can find a great selection – a whole aisle that is – of Argentinian products. The owners were more than happy to place the flyers in the store. One of our own wonderful clients, Refurbished Office Furniture, often visited by business owners, also proudly displayed the flyers in their showroom and even formed in internal group of 8 employees to attend the show.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity and the enthusiasm of Tampa’s local Argentine Tango community in joining forces to help create a movement that made our integrated grassroots advertising campaign strategy come to life.  Not surprisingly, the Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aire’s performance in Tampa at the STRAZ Center for Performing Arts was an amazingly well-attended event and they had some very nice things to say about our involvement!


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