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  • I have known Nicole for more than 5 years. She got me on the radio which helped my brand a lot. Recently we decided to approach an employer market that we wanted to grow. Of course, our first choice was Nicole. We put together a plan with her and her team which included printed material (letters and postcards). Her firm provided the list (scrubbed on LinkedIn), printed the material and mailed them. We set up weekly calls with each other to review our progress, very helpful. As a result, we are working with a large potential client that if they become a client will have more than paid for this campaign. And we are not done yet. My advice is don't go cheap, although I feel the price was not overpriced, and follow her plan. If you follow her plan you will achieve your goals.

    James Wareheim, President


In anticipation of the upcoming enrollment period for 2018 – 2019 our client challenged us to develop a marketing strategy that would help him more easily secure face to face meetings with potential new clients.

After several discovery conversations and meetings, we honed in on their exact target audience and developed a campaign strategy that uses a combination of direct-mailed letters, direct-mailed postcards, and LinkedIn invitations to warm up the conversation when our client called to set up introductory meetings.

We calculated cost versus potential new sales and decided that the ROI on this initiative just made plain sense.

Below are samples of the client-branded letters and postcards we developed. The Brand NV team took charge of writing all copy, performing all graphic design, printing and direct mail services fulfillment. We also scrubbed the mailing list using LinkedIn and Google Search to make sure our data was as accurate as possible. In addition, we’re providing the client with weekly one-on-one accountability meetings to ensure we’re maximizing our opportunities to create meaningful connections with new prospects.

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