Restaurant Menu and Supporting Materials
  • Since using our new restaurant menu, our sales continue to be on an upward path of double digits, which is a combination of several things. The menu is having a nice impact on our lunch business which I hope only increases as we get our To Go menus out to the business community, I continue to get complements on the menu!

    Mike Goodwin, Owner, O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Plant City


Designing a restaurant menu is one of the most involved graphic and copy projects any design agency can undertake, right there next to fully developing a website.

The required attention to detail that goes into a restaurant menu design goes beyond written words, font types, layout and graphics.  Instead, it delves deeper into requiring a thorough understanding of how eyes glance across a menu, and a keen understanding of how you present data and how it influences human decision-making.

If you own, operate or manage a restaurant and you want a restaurant menu designed and printed exclusively for your venue – including food photography, consider us for the job!  O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Plant City, FL gave us the pleasure of copywriting, designing and printing new restaurant menus for their pub and we’re excited to share the final products with you.

This restaurant menu design was printed on poly-coated sheets. This plastic-like material is waterproof, durable and easy to clean which makes it perfect for a busy restaurant and bar.  Plus, we saved the client from the added expense of needing to purchase restaurant menu covers, which are very pricey and only have a 3 to 5 year shelf-life depending on use.


Once the menu was finalized we also created business cards, envelopes and letterhead to create brand consistency. The final result is a solid, clean and creative identity for the pub.



If your restaurant needs a menu redesign or a brand makeover, we offer creative services for letterhead, envelopes and business cards along with dine-in menus, to go menus, and rack cards for beverages or weekly specials. We can even design and print roadside banner promoting your daily food specials.  Please call us today to discuss your project needs!




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