Restaurant Menus

El Puerto Restaurant and Grill in Ybor City needed help updating their menus, and they relied on the Brand NV team to take full charge of the new restaurant menu project!

After evaluating both server and customer feedback, we decided to redesign the layout of the dinner menu to be more customer-needs centric.

We accomplished this by better organizing the menu content into logical categories. The old menu featured a laundry list of entrees listed in arbitrary order.

Our new menu further classifies umbrella food categories into more specific subcategories like “Salads,” “Entrees,” “Fried and Breaded” and “Peruvian Classics” thus enhancing the customer experience. We also expanded our descriptions of various exotic food items that had previously created some confusion. For example, “Sweetbread” was being confused for “Sweet Bread” when it’s, in fact, Grilled Thymus Gland.


After elaborating and quantifying several plates, we then finished the job by updating their website menu, lunch menu, and to-go menus.

We also handled printing and managed the crucial timing of the delivery of the new menus at the restaurant, thus, allowing this bustling Ybor City restaurant to make a seamless menu transition.

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