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  • For over 8 years I’ve been trusting the team at Brand NV with all my marketing, advertising and promotional needs. They're a smart investment and great business partners to have on my side because they're responsive and genuinely care about the success of my restaurant. They've offered me so many great ideas that have helped me make more money - and SAVE my money. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate them.

    - Nelson Umana, Owner, El Puerto Restaurant and Grill

El Puerto Restaurant and Grill

Since 2005, Brand NV has been managing El Puerto Restaurant & Grill’s online and social media presence, including responding to restaurant reviews. Home to some of the best Central and South American Cuisine in Tampa, El Puerto sits right at the corner of 17th and 5th Avenue in Ybor City.

Over the years this brand has also trusted us with developing and maintaining their website, creating their lunch, dinner and to-go menus, setting up and continuously maintaining all their social media pages, online location listings and overseeing their listings and online reviews on multiple tourism and credit card merchant related partner sites. We also handle reservations received on various online sites and general customer service between the restaurant and its valued patrons.

El Puerto is not promotionally active. Because of its tourist-dense location, and overwhelmingly flavorful exotic cuisine this restaurant stays very busy.

Reviews pour in daily – mostly positive and some negative. The positive reviews are easy to respond to. The negatives … not so easy, but they still need to be handled as professionally and quickly as possible.

It is incredibly difficult to remain calm and objective when responding to a negative online review when you’re both emotionally and physically involved in your business.

Delegating this task to a team of outside professionals that understand the rules of online engagement is a smart choice. We’ll learn your brand’s personality, voice and values and in our responding handle the various issues that come up.  We’ll help save you time, aggravation and emotional turmoil.

Your enhanced and fully optimized online presence will pay dividends in new and repeat diners. With all that extra time and lessened aggravation, now you can focus your energies on growing your kitchen, service staff and planning your upcoming new seasonal menu.

Since there was a constant complaint regarding service, we create private groups with the servers, got everyone nametags and championed requesting positive reviews from our overwhelmingly large group of satisfied patrons and incentivized and celebrated servers whose names were mentioned in reviews. Since implementing improved communication with servers, the quantity of 5-star reviews has increased 300% completely overwhelming the negative reviews from the few dissatisfied patrons.

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