Early Bird Gets the Worm: How Pre-Planning Marketing Can Build Your Brand

Nicole Valentin January 27, 2020 1

The new year has arrived, which means that most businesses are putting the finishing touches on their marketing plans for 2020. Now is the time to dive into the plan and negotiate with the printers, creative vendors, media outlets, event organizers, and every other entity that you’ve made a part of your winning strategy this year. If you found yourself scrambling and fumbling to put initiatives into action last year, learn why planning ahead is always the better strategy:

See the Big Picture

When you put your entire annual marketing plan on paper, you get to see the big picture. This is important because you can see how initiatives integrate with each other to ultimately meet your objectives. You can confirm that each planned initiative is reaching your intended audience and that the type of media delivery is appropriate for the overall goal. Nix the ones that aren’t aligned and be confident about the plan ahead, knowing everything has a specific purpose.

Secure Cheaper Prices on Media Placement

Media vendors are also trying to plan out their year in space and sales. Contacting your media vendor early is often rewarded with better prices. Just as the price for an airline ticket rises as the date approaches, the same is true for media placements. Make a list of what media placements you want to keep from last year, along with any changes for 2020. Getting in early with these vendors is key to staying ahead of the competition.

Earn Bulk Discounts with Specialty Vendors

Many businesses have great relationships with specialty vendors that provide unique and focused media content. Knowing your overall budget for these vendors, and sharing it with them, at the beginning of the year can help bring in bulk discounts when the vendor knows that they can count on your business. Not only will this put both of you on the same page, but it also shows that you plan to invest in your marketing strategy

Pick the Perfect Ad Placement

Traditional advertising is always a first-come, first-served game. There is only one front page of a newspaper, magazine, or catalog. The same bodes true in commercial time slots as well. That perfect billboard you want is also coveted by someone else. Once someone secures that spot, the game is over for that particular placement. Planning your media plan early will help you secure those coveted spots that often book up fast. Doing so will keep competitors from snatching up those prime advertising spots.

Give Creatives Time to Brainstorm

Brilliant marketing campaigns take time to develop. Finding the perfect slogan, graphics, or artwork for your next marketing idea doesn’t come easy. Planning your annual advertising space and budget helps give creatives the time they need to brainstorm the best ideas. Securing the space for a campaign helps give creative professionals the parameters to formulate a winning campaign well in advance. 

Give Yourself More Time to Review & Finalize

Planning and securing your marketing space for the year allows you more time to review and finalize the product. Time is a precious commodity that many businesses forget to factor in when planning a campaign. This industry is known for things being due “yesterday.” 

Allowing yourself (and your team) more time to review ideas, and tweak them to your customer base, is essential in putting your brand ahead of the competitor because you’re not rushing doing things last minute. Planning ahead also helps cut down on stress levels at work, which is a bonus for everyone within the office. Reduce the amount of time your team rushes around and allow them the time and space to do their job well. 

Marketing and media plans are fluid. That means you will probably have to make adjustments throughout the year. Don’t let that discourage you from having a plan to start. Tweaks to a logical plan are easier than you think and made with more confidence than if you were flying by the seat of your pants. 

If you or your marketing team could use an extra set of hands and brains to help stay ahead of the curve for 2020, consider looping the Brand NV team into your marketing plans to help you create and sustain a winning marketing and media plan. We’ll create the structure and order that your company needs to thrive and provide excellent value and insights using our many years of combined experience, creating winning plans for thousands of other clients just like you.