Marketing Checklist for New Businesses

Nicole Valentin October 7, 2019 0

Earlier this month, we visited two restaurants that had just opened. They had rehabbed the building, put together a menu, and were open for business. The problem is that very few people were walking through the doors. After a little bit of looking around, I quickly understood why. Here is a simple marketing checklist for new businesses before they launch their grand opening:


Get your logo professionally prepared. Develop a color palette for your brand. Identify two complementary fonts you will use consistently as your brand fonts. 


Set up your Google My Business account so you can connect with customers via Google Search and Maps. 

Set up additional location listings on sites like Bing.


Set up a website, however simple. Describe who you are, what you offer, why you exist, when you’re open for business, where you’re located, and how people can do business with you. Yes, the 5W Hows!


Set up your Social Media accounts. Make use of all of the free and paid opportunities social media sites provide. 


Type up and send a press release announcing your grand opening. Research reporters who cover your type of business and personally make sure they received it. 


Prepare and send either a postcard or flyers to businesses and residences surrounding your venue.


Design and print business cards. Develop any other necessary printed collateral like menus, to-go menu brochures, and branded letterheads and envelopes, for example. Don’t forget outdoor signage, indoor wallpaper, and window and door decals.


Create a short video showcasing what to expect inside your venue. Professional or homemade is fine – depending on the type of clientele you are seeking to attract. 


Establish a uniform for your employees to wear that proudly displays your logo and brand colors. 

If we missed anything you’ve done and it has been successful, please let us know. We hope this has been helpful. If we can help you execute any of these, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. 

Best of luck with your grand opening efforts!