Brand NV was founded in November 2010 by Nicole Alicea (then known as Nicole Valentin). After working in TV and Radio advertising sales for six years, Mrs. Alicea noticed a big gap. While many business owners and marketing directors had a good grasp on their marketing, others needed help getting organized.

With a burning desire to help, Mrs. Alicea officially opened her doors as “NV Advertising” in the 1st quarter of 2011.

Over the years, the agency has enjoyed fun client projects, adapted to various business environments, and has risen to meet its client’s evolving needs.

In 2016, “NV Advertising” was renamed to “Brand NV” with the tagline “Create Brand NV.”

In 2017, leadership recognized it was time to take the agency virtual. For more than three years, Brand NV has successfully operated remotely, recruiting the best talent from all over the U.S.

Brand NV’s goal in every client/agency interaction is to demonstrate it deserves to become and remain their client’s most trusted marketing partner.

If you’re seeking a business partner you can trust to give you the guidance you need for your branding, marketing and sales to thrive, please get in touch with us via phone, messenger or email.

Together, let’s Create Brand NV!