The Beauty of BOPIS: Why Your Business Should Embrace This Marketing Trend

Nicole Valentin February 29, 2020 0

It seems that many businesses are picking up on the BOPIS market. Also known as Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store, the BOPIS movement has started to revolutionize customer purchases. You can now order groceries online and pick them up without ever having to step out of your car. You can purchase that pair of jeans and know that the store will have them ready for you when you stop by. Customers can even buy lumber from the local building supply store!

BOPIS is a new player in the marketing world and has caught on quickly with brick and mortar retailers. With about 70% of consumers who have purchased items using BOPIS, your business can’t afford to miss out on this business strategy. Learn more about the beauty of BOPIS and why you should embrace this marketing tactic for your business this year:

Profit From Online Purchasing

Known initially as click-and-collect, the Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store option for customers allows physical retailers to enter the online ordering world. BOPIS combines the ease of online ordering along with fast pick-up service. Instead of waiting for an online order to ship, customers can buy online and pick up items within only a few hours to the next day.

Making sure that your website and ordering process is mobile-friendly is another way that physical retailers can enter the online ordering sector. Creating a seamless mobile experience for customers is vital to a successful BOPIS strategy.

Drive Customers Into Your Business

One of the best parts of the BOPIS trend is that customers still need to walk through your doors to pick up their items. Some big retailers are beginning to offer direct service to your car, but doing so keeps customers from coming into your business. 

Asking customers to pick up their purchase in a designated spot of your business exposes them to other items that may pique their interest as well as your overall business culture. In fact, 85% of customers who came into a store to pick up a BOPIS item ended up making an additional purchase.

Make this part of the BOPIS factor easy for customers by designating a special pick up area and parking spots near the front of the store. This will help make it easy for customers to pop in and out of the business for quick service that they crave.

Save on Shipping Costs

Customers who use the BOPIS option of your business do so to help save on shipping costs. No one wants to pay any amount of money for shipping, even if it is only a few dollars. BOPIS allows both your business and the customer savings on shipping. Your business also saves on the logistics of shipping items to homes. Instead, you can include items along with shipments that are already going directly to stores. Offering a Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store option eliminates the need for extra shipping to customers that live in the local area.

Invest in Inventory

Businesses that offer BOPIS to their customers need to have an extensive live inventory system. Customers want to see what is physically in the store so that they have easy access to items quickly. Nothing will kill a BOPIS option faster than customers coming into a store to pick up an item that isn’t there. Inventory is key to winning the BOPIS game, and investing in live inventory software is a win-win for both the business and the customer.

This business trend continues to rise as customers appreciate the ability to shop online but also want to pick up an item that same day. BOPIS is a business marketing tactic that is set to grow this year. Consider adding this way to reach customers, and drive sales by creating your own Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store option for your business. Brand NV can help your business set up a unique BOPIS marketing strategy that fits your style and your bottom line. Contact the marketing experts at Brand NV today!