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Brand Identity

Your company logo, brand colors and fonts convey the spirit of your brand. These elements reflect your values, identity and commitment to quality. If you are ready to upgrade your initial logo, or professionally create a new one, we will design a brand identity package that will resonate with your target audience.
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What to Expect

Logo/Identity Package

You’ll work with a dedicated Marketing Strategist in charge of guiding the discovery process and responsible for leading and inspiring the graphic design team so you can stay high-level with us and leave all the grunt and detail work to us. We will present a minimum of 5 new logo designs for your consideration with a strategic rationale for each concept. All designs are researched to ensure your new logo is not too similar to another company’s logo. Your professionally prepared logos will be saved in various formats (full color, one color and social media icon versions), .ai, .eps, .jpg, .pdf, .svg and .png (all native files included) and shared with you in a neatly organized dropbox folder. We will create a Primary and Secondary Logo (vertical and horizontal) (full color and one color), a Submark(s) for 1:1 use (social media, online profile images), Five (5) complimentary brand colors selection, Primary and Secondary Brand Fonts selection, and a One-Page Brand Guidelines for easy reference.

Cohesive Brand Identity Elements

Logotype Design

Logotype design refers to the letters or words that state your business name. After the brand’s type font is selected, designers will often treat it to achieve a completely unique look and feel for your brand. 

Logo Mark

A logo mark is the symbol or icon that accompanies your Logotype Design. Mature brands with a high brand awareness can successfully use solely their logo mark to identify themselves. 


A tagline is a very short statement that often accompanies your logo to further describe the character or values of your brand. 

Brand Colors

Brand Colors are the carefully selected set of colors (usually three to five) chosen to represent the mood of your brand. When you consistently use these specific colors in your materials, you instantly create a recognizable and trustworthy brand.

Brand Fonts

Fonts are a big part of your identity because they visually communicate many attributes about your brand and help express the style, values, and attitude unique to your brand. 

Brand Guidelines

Condensing all the elements that represent your brand into one cohesive Brand Guidelines book is a valuable resource for investors, graphic designers, and marketing partners working on your brand. You can go as simple as a one-page Brand Style Guide or as complex as a 50-page Brand Book with fully-developed brand assets. 

Primary & Secondary Logo

Depending on the design of your primary logo, we may prepare a secondary logo version to help you showcase your logo beautifully in both vertical and horizontal spaces. 


A submark is a 1:1 visual representation of your logo for use in social media profiles, website favicons, watermarks, promotional items, and more!

Logo File Preparation

Your new logo files will be prepared in full color and one color. Each variation will be prepared as a .jpg, .eps, .png, and .pdf. You will also receive all native files. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at [email protected] if you cannot find an answer to your question.
We provide you with unparalleled careful strategic consideration. We take the time to discuss your business, your long-term vision, and goals to ensure we’re crafting a brand identity that will stand the test of time and make a strong first impression among your ideal clientele. We have tried and true standards that ensure you’re getting everything you need: correct file types, a logo that will look good in various places, a logo that we’ve reversed searched to ensure it doesn’t look too much like anyone else’s, and more.
All projects start with a project kick-off call where we discuss your business model, goals, target audience, and logo preferences. We then have our designers brainstorm several concepts. We hand pick the best concepts and present them to you. Once you identify your favorite concept, we’ll go to work to polish it off to perfection for your brand. Once the final logo is approved, we prepare it in full color, one color and in various file types and formats so are completely armed with every version of your logo you’ll ever need.
Yes! If we created your logo, we offer forever storage and logo delivery service. Just send us your request and we’re happy to send your partners a link to access your high-resolution files in various formats.

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