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Strategic Business Plans

Go-To-Market Strategy

Leverage our years of experience with various clients and industries to develop a no-nonsense go-to-market plan that will clarify your target audience, your product offering, your pricing, your branding, positioning, and promotional strategy so you can enter a market with confidence. 

What's covered:

Target Audience

Target Audience | Create Brand NV
We will clearly define the target audience your business is pursuing. We identify the decision-makers and those that influence them. We also evaluate the decision-making process from start to finish.

Products and Services

Products and Services | Create Brand NV
Our work together includes taking inventory of all your points of revenue to decide how they can be integrated to maximize sales.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy | Create Brand NV
Through our competitive research, we will help ensure you are striking the balance between being competitive and profitable.

Promotion Strategy

Promotion Strategy | Create Brand NV
We will help you decide on offers that will resonate with your audience and drive sales during key periods.

Points of Purchase & Distribution

Points of Purchase & Distribution | Create Brand NV
We will evaluate the customer journey and ensure we’re making it very easy to do business with your company.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis | Create Brand NV
We will evaluate your top direct and indirect competitors to identify the similarities and differences that set you apart.

Primary Research

Primary Research | Create Brand NV
We’ll conduct our primary research by interviewing key players in your business. Whether it’s your leadership or a variety of past and present customers, we will roll up our sleeves to find out the information you often can’t call and find out for yourself to get the insight you need to make critical decisions to drive your business forward.


Positioning | Create Brand NV
Knowing what we’ve learned about your industry, target audience, and the elements that differentiate you from your competitors, we can now decide on a brand positioning strategy for your company with confidence.

Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition | Create Brand NV
Your unique selling proposition (USP) is the single most significant benefit that sets your business apart. It’s not what you want it to be, and it’s not what your target audience thinks it should be. It’s a quality about your company that only reveals itself after all the preliminary research we’ve done above has been completed. Your USP will be the focal point of your advertising campaign.

Customer Experience Evaluation and Improvement Recommendations

Customer Experience Evaluation and Improvement Recommendations | Create Brand NV
A great “bonus” we gain from conducting interviews is that in the process, we learn a lot about what it’s currently like to do business with you and what it’s like to work at your company. After our work, we deliver a list of suggestions for improvement that most clients find priceless.

Tactical Punch-List

Positioning | Create Brand NV
The last deliverable is an actionable game plan across a timeline to successfully launch in your chosen market(s). Simply follow the roadmap to success! And if you want, we will be by your side directly assisting you with executing every element correctly and cohesively for guaranteed success.


cross | Create Brand NVv

The Right Partner

“I needed assistance developing an annual mark…”

Renee Smith – 3/15/2019

I needed assistance developing an annual marketing strategy. Nicole was the right partner for the project. She set the framework, kept us on track, and conducted client interviews with finesse.

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“We appreciate the comprehensive nature of h…”
Walt Williams – 4/11/2015
We appreciate the comprehensive nature of her work. Nicole takes a solutions approach, looking at the business through the entire customer experience and assisting in implementing those solutions.

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