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When it comes to creating sales materials like brochures, sales presentations, and sales sheets it’s tough to decide what to say and how to best present the value your offer to your audience. Luckily, we’re here to help. From menus, to brochures and postcards, we’ll marry graphic design with copy to wow your clients.

Work Samples

Sales Flyer

Sales Flyer | Create Brand NV
We prepared this sales flyer insert in English and Spanish. Our client has used this for so many situations as it summarizes what she does and the companies she represents very succinctly and it’s beautifully designed.

Bilingual Restaurant Menu

Bilingual Restaurant Menu | Create Brand NV
Our French-Canadian client needed a restaurant menu for their Irish Pub in English and French. We wrote the copy and designed and printed this beautiful dual-language menu that accurately describes each delicious entree.

Magazine Style Brochure

Magazine Style Brochure | Create Brand NV
Our office furniture dealership client needed a brochure. Instead of doing more tired sales sheets or trifolds, we created a vibrant magazine that invited business owners to reimagine their office space.

1/4 Page Print Ad

14 Page Print Ad | Create Brand NV
Our client needed a 1/4 page print-ad to promote their venue to local school teachers as a way to incorporate STEM learning in a field trip. We designed and wrote a succinct ad that was on-brand and drove inquiries.

Corporate Invitations

Corporate Invitations | Create Brand NV
We designed and mailed Grand Opening invitations for our client’s new store opening in Houston TX.

B2B Postcards

B2B Postcards | Create Brand NV
We designed, wrote the copy and mailed B2B postcards with a special corporate holiday offer for Ford’s Garage. The final product featured elevated gold foil making this postcard stand out with an elegant and festive flair.

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