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From Special Operations to Elite Security Training with Eric Parker

Sit down with Eric Parker, a Special Operations Combat Veteran with nearly 30 years of experience in the security industry. Eric’s impressive career includes military service, private security, high-threat contracting with Blackwater in Iraq and Afghanistan, and federal service with the Diplomatic Security Service as a Subject Matter Expert on High Threat Protection.

Now the President of Vault Management Group, Eric oversees Red Variable Concepts, a security consulting and investigations firm, and founded the Select International Training Institute, where he trains elite executive protection specialists.

In this episode, Eric shares exciting and sometimes frightening stories about his experiences overseas and how he transitioned to founding his own companies to fulfill his mission to train the next generation of security professionals. He also discusses the importance of mental health awareness and his dedication to supporting fellow veterans. Tune in for an inspiring and exciting conversation about courage, resilience, leadership, and the ever-evolving security industry.

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