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“We have been working with Nicole for about 10 months. What we appreciate is the comprehensive nature of her work. Taking a solutions approach, looking at the business through the entire customer experience, determining what solutions to apply in-store, and assisting in implementing those solutions. Thanks, Nicole.”

– Walt Williams, President, Suncoast RV Rental & Management


As Suncoast RV Rental & Management neared its monumental 10th anniversary, the company envisioned a fresh brand image and enhanced customer engagement. This was when the Brand NV Team entered the scene, offering a holistic approach that encompassed every touchpoint of the customer journey.


  1. Deep Dive Analysis: The Brand NV Team began with an exhaustive study of Suncoast RV’s operations, interviewing past customers to gain genuine insights.
  2. Branding Revamp: Recommendations spanned from updating the company logo to redesigning their application forms for clarity and user-friendliness.
  3. Strengthening Online Reputation: Recognizing the power of Google reviews, Brand NV worked with Suncoast RV Rental to strategize a consistent method to garner feedback from contented renters. This initiative helped overshadow a few adverse comments, providing a more balanced reflection of Suncoast RV’s services.
  4. Engaging & Informative Content: The Brand NV Team proposed and aided in the development of instructional videos. These easy-to-understand clips addressed common queries like sewage disposal and awning operations, thus curbing the frequency of post-business-hours assistance calls. This unique step not only cut down operational costs but also earned Suncoast RV an industry accolade. Check out one of the most viewed videos still in use today:
  5. Keeping the Connection Alive: An engaging monthly e-newsletter was conceptualized and implemented. These emails celebrated Florida’s vibrant RV locales and festivities while also informing readers about the latest additions to the rental fleet.


Four years post this rebranding exercise:

  • Suncoast RV boasts of 267+ Google Reviews.
  • The e-newsletter remains a hit, fostering strong ties with their clientele.
  • Walt Williams, the owner, proudly remarks, “Business has never been better.”

Ready for a Transformation?

If your business seeks a fresh perspective — one that puts itself in your customers’ shoes and crafts impactful, lasting solutions — then the Brand NV Team is your go-to team of experts that can help you transform your business!

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 Calendly – Nicole Valentin Alicea 

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