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The Power of AI for Smarter SEO with Greg Brooks from Search Tides

Geek out with us on the future of AI in SEO! In this episode, we welcome Greg Brooks, partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Search Tides. Hear the latest in AI-driven SEO strategies and learn the “secret sauce” to ensure your business ranks well on Google, Bing and other search engines.

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Triumphing Over Labor Shortages and Employees Wanting to Work Remotely

Today’s guest is Charlotte Fernee Kelly of Fernee Kelly Law with offices in Tampa and Jacksonville Florida. She is an employment and labor law attorney who represents both the employee or the employer – but never at the same time, of course. We’re going to discuss the new employment landscape and what employers need to be doing to ensure they can create an environment conducive to recruiting and retaining the talent they need to scale and thrive.

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The 5 Major Psychological Shifts for Business Success

Licensed Psychologist Dr. Carlos Garcia, owner and founder of Tampa Counseling and Wellness, shares the 5 Major Psychological Shifts business owners need to make if they want to blossom into successful business leaders: Broadening your vision (i.e., how to go from working “in” your business to working “on” your business, seeing opportunity, how to stay thinking “big picture.”) Learning to lead (i.e., honing leadership skills, managing people, learning EI skills) Putting your ego aside (i.e., letting go of “control”; letting go of ego, learning to delegate, seeking support) Letting go of fear and limiting beliefs (i.e., dealing with fear of failure and fear of success) Imposter syndrome (i.e., what it is and why it happens) Dr. Carlos Garcia can be reached via phone at 954-830-6222 or online at

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