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Glazer Children’s Museum Strategic Vision with Sarah Cole

Join me in my conversation with Sarah Cole, the President and CEO of the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, Florida, as we discuss the business of fun and play. If you’re involved in strategic leadership, we hope this episode inspires you!

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The People Factor: Human Resources with Lori Goldsmith

Lori Goldsmith is an experienced HR professional with a wealth of knowledge in global HR practices. We delve into the common mistakes business owners make when expanding their team, which can lead to high turnover rates and potentially jeopardize the business. Lori shares advice on creating and maintaining company culture and the difference between leadership and management, as well as best practices for clear communication in the workplace and proper employee coaching. This episode is a must-listen for small business owners and anyone interested in the pivotal role of HR in shaping a successful, ethical, and thriving business environment.

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A Family Legacy of Bowling and Entertainment

My guest today is Anthony Perrone, who is in his 34th year at the helm of the Pin Chasers Bowling Family Center empire, which has run thriving bowling centers in the Tampa Bay area for over 65 years! Hear the family business stories and learn about the lessons and values that the father, Bill Morris, instilled in his children. Learn about the history of the bowling business, the negative stereotypes they needed to overcome, and the strategies they implemented to combat each of these threats. We also discuss the challenges they face today, the mindset that enables them to be successful, and their plans for a successful future for the Pin Chasers brand of bowling centers.

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