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Bring pen and paper to my conversation with Tony Miller, a seasoned entrepreneur from Tampa, Florida, where we discuss the importance of thorough due diligence in any business endeavor.

With five diverse business ventures under his belt in just 17 years, Tony has a keen eye for business and a wealth of hard-knock wisdom.

He has owned a marketing and advertising agency, a distillery, an online education platform, and an innovative application for the industrial packaging space. Presently, he is developing a mammoth multi-million-dollar Surf Park, Peak Surf Park, the first of its kind in the area – a first-mover project.

In this insightful conversation, Tony takes us behind the scenes of his ventures, sharing the hard truth of what it takes to make a business “go.” Tony outlines the questions you’ll need to ask yourself to conduct thorough due diligence and pressure-test your business idea from all angles before jumping in and risking it all.

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