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1 Year Podcast Anniversary Celebration

Meet the team behind the Create Brand NV Podcast. Listen to Fingers and Nicole reminisce about their 20-year friendship, traffic reports done from airplanes back in the day, but most of all, celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the Create Brand NV podcast. Easy listening for a change with a few laughs in between!

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A Family Legacy of Seafood Restaurant Brands

My guest, Matt Loder, owns and operates multiple restaurants, but he is most well-known for being the son of Crabby Bill and Dolores, who founded The Original Crabby Bill’s in 1983. In this episode, we explore how and why Crabby Bill’s family brand of restaurants has consistently been able to nail the perfect customer experience for over 40 years. Learn first-hand the history of this legacy family business, the importance of succession planning, how to deal with problematic employees, and how Matt approaches strategically planning his portfolio of restaurants. We discuss failed businesses, the importance of humility in leadership, and more!

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Whiskey Wisdom: Unveiling the Magic Behind Jack Daniels with Brenda Terry

Dive into the world of Jack Daniels with Brenda Terry, the brand’s one and only Brand Ambassador for the state of Florida, as she reveals the secrets behind the Master Distiller, Distributor, and Supplier side of the business. In this eye-opening episode, Brenda shares her unique role in educating and inspiring the bartending community to explore Jack Daniels in new and innovative ways, leading to personalized recommendations for patrons, and ultimately increased sales. Discover how Brenda’s refreshing approach adds a localized touch to this international spirits powerhouse, and learn how you can apply these game-changing strategies to your own business. Cheers to creativity!

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