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Create Brand NV is a podcast where we discuss business, marketing and peek under hood of successful companies to understand the leadership behind the organization and best practices for today’s challenges. If you own a business, listen up. Every week I’ll introduce you to a different business leader that has taken their company to new heights despite the odds. Learn, engage and thrive.

Master Your Financials and Get Approved for that Business Loan

Today’s guest is Cynthia Weiss, a commercial banking and lending expert who evaluates businesses’ financials to determine whether that business can repay a loan, should one be granted. This interview features advice on handling your business financials correctly and discusses the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 and what that means for small business lending in underprivileged areas. If you are a business owner that has ever borrowed money or you think that at some point you’ll need someone else’s money to grow your organization, listen up; this is a juicy episode you won’t want to miss!

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Office Furniture Remanufacturer Championing Sustainability and ESG

My guest today is Joni Adams, the CEO of Reimagine Office Furnishings. ROF is one of less than a small handful of office furniture dealers in the United States with full-scale remanufacturing capabilities. Hear the story of how she and her husband started their company selling simple office supplies and how they grew their business into a massive 120,000 sq ft office furniture dealership and remanufacturer. Today, Reimagine Office Furnishings outfits office furniture interiors for major companies with large office populations like the AVEDA Institute, New York Life, and Wipro, to name a few.

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A Family Legacy of Bowling and Entertainment

My guest today is Anthony Perrone, who is in his 34th year at the helm of the Pin Chasers Bowling Family Center empire, which has run thriving bowling centers in the Tampa Bay area for over 65 years! Hear the family business stories and learn about the lessons and values that the father, Bill Morris, instilled in his children. Learn about the history of the bowling business, the negative stereotypes they needed to overcome, and the strategies they implemented to combat each of these threats. We also discuss the challenges they face today, the mindset that enables them to be successful, and their plans for a successful future for the Pin Chasers brand of bowling centers.

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Purchasing a Roofing Company

Listen in on my conversation with Matt Lentz, the new owner of The Roofing Company. This business was established by a completely different person and purchased by Matt, even though Matt had zero experience in the roofing industry. We’ll discuss his process for evaluating businesses for sale, contract negotiations on non-compete clauses, and how he has stepped in and earned the organization’s respect as their new leader.

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Triumphing Over Labor Shortages and Employees Wanting to Work Remotely

Today’s guest is Charlotte Fernee Kelly of Fernee Kelly Law with offices in Tampa and Jacksonville Florida. She is an employment and labor law attorney who represents both the employee or the employer – but never at the same time, of course. We’re going to discuss the new employment landscape and what employers need to be doing to ensure they can create an environment conducive to recruiting and retaining the talent they need to scale and thrive.

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